2 periods/week (Some are semester courses, others run for a year)

The Options program aims to broaden a student's educational experience by giving her the opportunity to learn a variety of new skills, including pratical ones, and so encourage a love of learning. Many Options courses also develop group skills and cooperative learning, and many encourage the creative use of the imagination.

Students are required to choose two of the semester courses or one of the year courses. These mini-courses are offered twice a week and are worth a ½ credit for the two semesters.

Active Option

One Semester - ¼ Credit (Semester 1 only)

Is “Mens sana in corpore sano” your mantra? If so, Active Options is just for you. In this course students will participate in a variety of sports and recreational physical activities. Just the way to escape from the fray of academia for a while!

Introduction to Architectural Drawing

One Semester - ¼ Credit (Semester 2 only)

This course has been designed to give students basic skills that will be of benefit if they are planning to study architecture, interior design, industrial design or engineering at college. We will be learning both pencil and paper drafting and computer aided design. The class size is limited to 10 students.


One Semester - ¼ Credit (G9 and G10 only, Semester 2 only)

Debate Option class explores far-ranging morally compelling contemporary topics that challenge our reasoning skills and foster stronger skills and techniques. We debate in teams and run class-based debate sessions throughout the semester. We study experts and watch online debates in order to gain greater insight into reasoning skills and debate tactics. Simply stated, we enjoy lively debates of relevant topics facing our world today. Minimum 6 students.


One Semester - ¼ credit (Semester 1 only)

Welcome ALL ISSH SEEDS Nepal participants enrolled in ISSH SEEDS Nepal Development Tour 2016-17! Our one-semester SEEDS Options class explores current development issues in Nepal in the 21 century. The SEEDS Options course serves as exploration & preparation of essential issues related to the ISSH SEEDS Nepal trip 2016-17.

Mandarin for Beginners

One year - ½ credit

This class is designed for enthusiastic non-native speakers interested in studying Mandarin Chinese and culture. Class time will be spent with an emphasis on speaking, individualized tone correction as well as integrating fun activities such as group/partner conversations and games to further reinforce language skills. In the first semester we will build up strong pronunciation skills as we learn essential vocabulary (numbers, time, colors, foods). Students will gain confidence as they master basic sentence structures with accurate pronunciation. Students will also learn how to order and describe food, while being introduced to Chinese culture and cuisine. In the second semester we will cover simple daily-life topics such as shopping, and asking directions, etc. Field trips to a Chinese Restaurant and Chinese Store will give students chances to utilize what they have learned in real life. An introduction to Chinese poetry and other cultural aspects will be given if time permits. Upon completing this course students will have built a strong foundation, preparing them for future studies in Chinese. The class size is limited to 12 students.

Mathematical Diversions

One Semester - ¼ credit (Semester 2 only)

This course has been designed to give students basic skills that will be of benefit if they are planning to study architecture, interior design, industrial design or engineering at college. We will be learning both pencil and paper drafting and computer aided design. The class size is limited to 10 students.

Musical Theatre

One semester - ¼ credit (Semester 2 only)

In the Musical Theatre Option course, students will mount a full musical theatre production with acting, singing, dancing, costuming, set design, and lighting. Students do not need to audition to be a part of this class, however, an audition will be held during the first week of class in order to cast the musical. Once students have committed to the course, they have committed to the entire semester of study. Students may not change courses once they have made the commitment. Students may enroll in the class as performers or crew, and one student can enroll as an accompanist, with director’s approval. Students can expect to fine tune their auditioning skills and develop as performers through their work in this class.


One Semester - ¼ Credit (Semester 1 only)

This is for students who would like to learn more about using their camera settings in order to produce quality photographs. It is essential that students who choose this option have their own SLR camera. The class size is limited to 10 students.

Pottery - Mastering the Potters Wheel

One Semester - ¼ Credit

This pottery wheel throwing course is designed to develop all the skills necessary to master the potter’s wheel in a small group situation. Beginner and advanced throwing techniques are taught using professional tools and a wide range of firing and glazing situations. This is an all ability class which is a perfect preparation for students interested in the A.P. 3D Portfolio or for beginners who wish to start working with the wheel. Senior A.P. students may also use this class time to develop their concentration work. The class size is limited to 12 students.

SAT English

One Semester - ¼ Credit (Semester 1 – G9, G10, G11, G12, Semester 2 – G9, G10, G11)

All grade 10 and 11 students at Sacred Heart sit the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT). Almost all high school students at Sacred Heart then go on to sit the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) during grade 11 and 12. This options course prepares students for the tests by focusing on honing critical reading and writing skills. Students will learn how to read effectively, expand vocabulary, and practice sections of the test.

SAT Math

One Semester - ¼ Credit (Semester 1 only, Grade 10 Enriched, 11 and 12)

Many of the universities our students attend consider their scores on the SAT as one of the criteria for admission. All our students take the PSAT, the preliminary version of this test in grades 10 and 11; grade 11 and 12 students usually take the SAT in the spring of their grade 11 year and/or in grade 12. In this Options course, students are given the opportunity to practice for the SAT Mathematics test using past test papers, SAT practice tests from the College Board, and other specially designed texts. In addition, test-taking strategies are illustrated and discussed. Students may also opt to practice for the SAT Mathematics Subject Test.

Speech and Drama

One Semester - ¼ credit (Semester 1 only)

This Option class will provide opportunities for students to explore basic principles of acting and stage performance and to prepare for and participate in two festivals focusing primarily on three genres. The class will also prepare a performance for the high school. The class size is limited to 12 students and students have to pass an audition..

Technology Toolkit

One Semester - ¼ credit

This is a one semester course designed for individual students to improve their skills in specific areas of technology that have been identified for improvement by either themselves or their teachers. Areas of study might be using individual applications such presentations, video creation, etc. Students in this course will work with the instructor and other class members to create a final project based on their own individual goals and individual study plan.
The teacher will guide the student throughout the course by providing some resources but also helping to find additional resources and encouraging them to support themselves, as well as monitor their progress and provide feedback. Although the course emphasizes individual study and skill improvement, students will also work together to help each other meet their goals by working towards a common goal. To be successful in this course, students need to be motivated to learn, and work well individually and in groups.

Video Making

One Semester - ¼ Credit

In this option, the students create a video using the school’s video cameras and editing equipment. A storyboard is created; filming is done in and around the campus; a final cut is edited and sound and special effects are added. The students learn filming techniques and operation of video editing equipment. The class size is limited to 10 students.

Vocal Music

One Semester - ¼ credit (Semester 1 only)

The Vocal Music Option course offers students an opportunity for individual vocal coaching, covering all areas of vocal technique and repertoire. Students will choose, learn and prepare music for Vocal Solo and Ensemble Festival in November, and will also have a chance to perform in additional solo and small ensemble opportunities throughout the year. This course can also be used to prepare and record Honor Choir auditions or vocal literature for college music auditions. Generally, students must be in HS Choir to take this course. Students may also enroll in this course as an accompanist. Students must see the HS Choir director for approval to take the course as an accompanist.
If a student wishes to participate in the Vocal Solo and Ensemble Festival, they must do one of the following:

  1. Take the Vocal Music Options Course
  2. Enroll in private study with a teacher of their choice.
  3. Learn the music on their own (The HS Choir director will help with selection of a piece and will meet with the student one more time closer to the festival to check progress.)

Writer's Lab

One Semester - ¼ credit

Students will work to strengthen reading comprehension, expand their vocabulary and build skills in composing and editing sentences and paragraphs, helping them to express their ideas more clearly and correctly. Ultimately, the skills reinforced in Writers' Lab will support achievement in other subject areas that require a large volume of reading and a high level of writing, particularly English and Social Studies. Entry into this course is by teacher recommendation only.


One year – ½ credit (Grade 10, 11&12 only)

The yearbook, which is published towards the end of every school year, is a chronicle of school life – of significant events and activities that take place at Sacred Heart throughout the year. Students who join the Yearbook Staff record these moments of life at Sacred Heart and create an account that will be cherished by students, parents, teachers, and others for a lifetime.
It’s a big job, and a big responsibility that requires a serious commitment on the part of each Staff member. Throughout the two semesters, Staff will take and collect photographs, design page layouts using available software, and write and edit for a variety of audiences and purposes. In order to meet deadlines, Staff will work independently, in pairs, and as part of a team. They may interact with all members of the Sacred Heart community, including students, parents, teachers, administrators, and outside experts such as photographers. As part of the production process, they will learn time management, collaboration, leadership, and task delegation. Students who join in Grade 11 are expected to renew for a second year in Grade 12. Seniors who started as a yearbook Staff member in Grade 11 are eligible to run for positions as Yearbook Editors – a role which carries great respect and responsibility in the school community (and looks great on a college application and job resume!).