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A Special Visit

We were blessed on Monday to have a visitor from Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart in Washington State USA. Matthew Zahler is a religion teacher and Campus Minister at the school. He is visiting Japan for a week and will be seeing three Sacred Heart schools in the process. Two in Tokyo and one in Sapporo. Mr. Zahler became a teacher after he left religious life because it, "felt like the natural fit for (his) abilities, interests and experience." He says he loves the all-girl learning environment... where students want to learn and girls aspire to be in every leadership position. Discussing his work in Forest Ridge he said, "I get to be involved in all aspects of the school, both middle and upper school. My primary job is to listen, be present and pray for the community. I love that I get to spend my time being involved and supporting our girls, as well as the broader community. I also get to represent the Catholic Church, an institution that I love - and hopefully represent a fresh face and a different way of being a Catholic."

We wish Matthew the best with the rest of his trip and thank him for taking the time to learn about our school and strengthen ties within the Sacred Heart community.