Application Fee (per applicant, to be paid at the time of application)

¥ 20,000   (A non-refundable fee)

Registration Fee (per student)

¥ 300,000 (A non-refundable, one-time fee)

Educational & Building Development Fee (per student)

¥ 600,000 (A non-refundable, one-time fee)

Building/Maintenance Fee (per student)

¥ 100,000 (A non-refundable annual fee)

Tuition Annual FeeIn Two Installments
Kindergarten¥ 1,890,000¥ 945,000
Grades  1-8¥ 1,970,000¥ 985,000
Grades  9-11¥ 1,990,000¥ 995,000
 Grade     12¥ 2,060,000¥ 1,030,000

Method of Payment

Payment is to be made in Japanese Yen only and can be paid by bank transfer, cash or check.  The bank receipt will be your official receipt unless otherwise requested.   If payment is by cash or check, please return a copy of the invoice so that your account may be properly credited. The payer is responsible for any bank processing charges incurred. This amount is to be paid in addition to the amount of the Application fee (applicant) and Tuition & Fees (student).

      Account Name:   International School of the Sacred Heart
      Bank/Branch:     Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Roppongi Branch
      Account Type:   Savings Account
      Account No.:      2236320
      Swift Code:        MHCBJPJT

Tuition & Fees Payment

Tuition and all school fees must be paid in advance. If payment of the Tuition for the full academic year is not possible, the second installment of the tuition should be paid by December 19, 2014. When payment is not possible by the due date, parents should notify the Business Manager, in writing, stating the promissory date of payment.  (Note: only the tuition can be paid in installments, all other fees should be paid in advance)

Late Enrollment

For students enrolled after the school year begins, tuition is calculated based upon academic quarters. Attendance for any portion of a quarter necessitates payment for the entire quarter.

Refunds on Tuition

If a student withdraws during the academic year, the Registrar must be notified in writing of the last day the student will be in school. If the student is to withdraw during the first semester, the deadline to submit written notice is the first Friday in August. If the student is to withdraw during the second semester, the deadline to submit is before Christmas break. If the notification deadline is met, tuition will be refunded for any full academic quarter (one half of a semester) during which the student will not be in attendance. If notification is made after these deadlines, but before the semester begins, one quarter of the tuition payment will be charged. Attendance during any portion of the semester, without prior notice of withdrawal, will negate a refund for that entire semester regardless of the reason for withdrawal. For details, contact the Registrar at

Delinquent Payments

In the case of serious financial delinquency; class attendance and participation in school activities may be prohibited and the school will not release grades, transcripts or other records of attendance.

Corporate Contribution Program (CCP)

The Corporate Contribution Program is a special corporate scholarship program that is available for organizations that are responsible for covering expatriate employees' educational expenses. Instead of paying tuition and applicable fees, companies make donations to the school.  Under an authorized agreement, which was established in 1978, with Japan's National Tax Administration Agency, scholarships funded under the Contribution Program are not taxable as personal income in Japan. For details, contact the Director of Development at


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