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Why School Counseling?


Professional school counselors are certified/licensed professionals with a masters degree or higher in school counseling or the substantial equivalent, and are uniquely qualified to address the individual needs of all students. Professional school counselors work towards delivering a comprehensive school counseling program that promotes maximum student achievement through the academic, personal, and social development of all students. Their work is differentiated by attention to developmental stages of student growth, including the needs, tasks and student interests related to those stages. At Sacred Heart, the Personal counselor and the Director of University Counseling work in partnership to support Sacred Heart students in their college and career paths.

Systemic and Holistic Approach

At Sacred Heart, Ms. Loveman works together with students, parents, faculty, staff and outside community resources to provide a holistic and systemic counseling approach in the following areas:

  • Individual Counseling and Student Planning
  • Personal Education- Ms. Loveman, our Personal Counselor teaches the High School Personal Education classes to all students in grades 9-11, and has a supporting role to all faculty and staff with guidance curriculum and supplemental activities to promote personal, social and academic achievement in all grades K-12.
  • Responsive Services- Responsive services are preventative and/or interventive activities meeting students' immediate and future needs. These needs can be necessitated by events and conditions in students' lives and may require any of the following:
    • Individual or group counseling
    • Consultation with parents, teachers, and other educators and administrators in the school community
    • Referrals to school support services or community resources
    • Peer support and peer mentoring
    • Information

Communication and Parent Support

Together with parents and families, we strive to create a kind, caring and safe school environment for our students. We consider strong partnerships with parents, guardians, and families to be key to student success and helping students to feel part of a safe and supportive learning community. Parents are encouraged to contact the School Counselor directly with concerns or questions regarding their child's personal/social or academic needs, as well as participate in the systemic activities offered to parents such as parent-counselor special topic workshops, coffee hours, and school counseling needs surveys and feedback forms.
Confidentiality guidelines: The school does not automatically contact parents of students who see the School Counselor, since confidentiality is an important part of the service for many students. However, we do contact parents if students would benefit from longer-term counseling, which is not offered in school, and also of course, if there is any question of the student’s safety.

About Ms. Loveman

K-12 School Counselor, Lynn Loveman

Welcome to "The Counselor's View" website! It is my sincere pleasure to be a part of the Sacred Heart community and am already loving my first weeks of school, working with students, teachers, parents and an amazing, energetic faculty and staff.

My international school background includes 13+ years as a teacher, aquatics director and head coach in grades
K-12, and I have been able to live in Shanghai, Sendai and Tokyo by working and living abroad with my family in the international school environment. I have two sons, Max (19 yrs. old, 2nd year university) and Matai, (12 yrs. old, Grade 6.) My husband, Taryn, is also an educator at another international school in Tokyo. Our hometown is sunny San Diego, California. We love going home for summer holidays every year where we enjoy the surf, the sand and the perfect weather!

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois (USA), and is also where I received my undergraduate degree in Organizational Communication and Business administration. After a decade of working with children across the school-age span, I learned that my true passion is working closely with children, and helping them to achieve their personal goals as they go through their developmental stages.

I have a Masters Degree in Counseling with an emphasis in School Counseling from Colorado, and also obtained the California Pupil Personnel Services credential; required for Professional School Counselors in the state of California.
I'm so pleased that I get to teach Personal Education classes to our grade 9-11 students, which allows me regular face time with every grade 9-11 student once a week! It is a wonderful way to build relationships with our high school students, and allows me to integrate school counseling objectives into our Personal Education curriculum.

Something that remains with me throughout my personal and professional life are the lessons learned from my experience as a student athlete and as a an athletics coach. I was a competitive swimmer from age 6-18, and coached swimmers in the same age groups for over 10 years. I love working in a team environment, and feel that we all have a role in creating an environment that is built on mutual respect, open communication, positive support, and one that feels safe enough to be ourselves, yet challenge ourselves and feel we can take risks. Students, teachers, parents, administration and the outside community are all stakeholders in Sacred Heart student achievement. Together Everyone Achieves More

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