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Leo, Middle School student

Being in ISSH has changed my life a lot. It was very different from my old school, but I really enjoy being here. It motivates me to get out of my house every morning to see my friends and learn the most interesting topics...(read more)

Madeleine Adams, Head of Athletics

I am from a small suburban town on the outskirts of London. Sport and physical activity have always played a big part in my life, I grew up doing gymnastics and later took up hurdling which I still absolutely love!..(read more)

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Kaoru, Graduate

I graduated ISSH in 2012. I am based in Brussels, Belgium. I work as a junior analyst and my job is to coordinate and manage working groups for an industry organization...(read more)

Riya, Graduate

Joining a new high school in Grade 11 definitely has its obstacles, however Sacred Heart's environment and supportive faculty allowed my transition to be smooth and exciting. Even though I only spent 2 years in such a wonderful school, I have learnt from students, teachers and faculty values that I will forever cherish...(read more)

Ai O, graduate, veteran at Sacred Heart, teacher

Since graduating from Sacred Heart, I have attended universities in the U.S., worked at a global financial software company, and taught internationally in the U.S. and China. When I became a teacher, I hoped that one day I would be able to return to Sacred Heart. And now that I'm a teacher here, I feel like I'm back home. ...(read more)

Joseph Adams, Head of Values Department

Originally from Manchester in the UK, I joined Sacred Heart last year as a Values teacher and Head of Department. Previously I was in a similar role at a school in South London. I have loved my time at the school so far. The community here has managed to create a space where all students and faculty are supported and encouraged to improve themselves...(read more)

Tamima, Middle School Student

Sacred Heart is where you can find your weak point to be a better person. In my experience of my 2nd year, Sacred Heart never made me blue. It always cheered me even though I didn’t tell it too. It always make me try for new things and learn the difficulties through mistakes. Join a lot of activities that makes you delighted. It always made me think this is impossible to accomplish and be a Sacred heart student. ..(read more)

Hana, High School Student

When I first came to Sacred Heart, I didn’t expect this school to be able to change my school life completely. In my 10 years of being at Sacred Heart, this school has taught me the importance of friendship and kindness. The Sacred Heart community is a warm welcoming school to anyone.... (read more)

Maria, High School Student

I was a timid 5 year-old when our Principal asked my mother what her expectations were from the school if I were to be admitted. To this, she replied, “I want my daughter to know - before she graduates - exactly what she wants to do. I want her to be prepared for her future.”...(read more)

Yuka, High School Student

The International School of the Sacred Heart is full of international children. There are students who have been at this school their whole life, moved out of Japan and came back, or just joined from another school in or out of Japan. ..... (read more)

Miran, High School Student

Being part of the Sacred Heart community for more than seven years, I can proudly say that Sacred Heart is a land of opportunities. I experienced a wide range of activities and classes that helped me develop my potential and character in different ways. Through these experiences, I discovered my passion, connected with students from different grade levels, and created lasting memories with the people I love. ..(read more)

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"It is clear when reviewing the major commendations that the Board, administration team, heads of departments, curriculum and subject leaders, faculty, staff, parents and the girls themselves, are active partners in creating a unique school that is a lighthouse for an internationally minded girls' school."

Council of International Schools 2019 Evaluation Team Report




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