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"It is clear when reviewing the major commendations that the Board, administration team, heads of departments, curriculum and subject leaders, faculty, staff, parents and the girls themselves, are active partners in creating a unique school that is a lighthouse for an internationally minded girls' school."

Council of International Schools 2019 Evaluation Team Report



Special Stem Cell presentation by Dr. Tsukada

Last week, our High School science students had the privilege of meeting Dr. Tsukada, of the Department of Hematology at the Japanese Red Cross Medical Center, and learning about his incredible work with Hematological malignancies and stem cell transplantation. Dr. Tsukada explained how the shortage of bone marrow donors in Japan, especially in the young generation, has become an issue of major medical concern. He also shared his hopes that more young people will consider becoming donors in the future by registering with the Japan Marrow Donor Program (JMDP). We thank Dr. Tsukada for sharing with us the details of his vital work and for shedding light on this emerging topic of medical and societal importance.

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Break the Ice 2019

Thank you to our Parents' Board for hosting the Break the Ice Party which was a huge success. Many parents and students had a chance to welcome new families and reconnect with others. It is also a great opportunity to learn about the various after school activities available at school.

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