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Dr. Paul Hertz from NASA presents to High School Science Class

Sacred Heart students were blessed again to have another high-profile Physicist from NASA come and speak to the Science classes. It was Dr. Paul Hertz (Director of Astrophysics at NASA)

Dr. Hertz is responsible for the research programs and missions that are undertaken at NASA that enable scientists to explore;

  • how the universe works,
  • how the universe began and developed into its present form,
  • and to search for Exoplanets. In particular Earth-like planets.

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Please join us in the Gym on May 24, Friday for our annual May Show, featuring the JS Choir, MS Choir, G9/10 Choir and the Grade 7/8 Needlework Classes. This is the final concert of the school year and will feature some wonderful performances from the choirs and some solos, along with an exciting fashion show.

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