Growing with Courage and Confidence


"It is clear when reviewing the major commendations that the Board, administration team, heads of departments, curriculum and subject leaders, faculty, staff, parents and the girls themselves, are active partners in creating a unique school that is a lighthouse for an internationally minded girls' school."

Council of International Schools 2019 Evaluation Team Report



Check out the online student publication, The Inetrnational! The high school journalism class has been working hard to publish compelling new opinion pieces, reviews, and features every week! Make sure to bookmark the website, as well as subscribe to email updates through the homepage to never miss a story! Click here to visit the site.

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Last week Middle and High School students went on a three day excursions to various destinations across Japan. The excursions are a great opportunity for students to bond with classmates and also deepen their understanding for Japanese Culture.

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The Parents' Board will be hosting Bingo Night on November 8th, Friday. This year's Bingo theme is "Hawaii". Bingo is an exciting event for the whole school community with games, door prizes and amazing food and drinks. Proceeds from Bingo go to the school's Sister Culhane Scholarship Fund which provides need-based scholarship for students.

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In the Heart of Tokyo

in one of the world’s largest cities
to Hiroo train station
at your fingertips

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