Once a Sacred Heart Girl,
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Woman With A Global Heart

I find Philippine Duchesne to be a particularly inviting model for our twenty-first century world because she had a global heart.

A global heart shifts the focus of interest and compassion from "me" to "us" to "all of us"! This development describes an emergence of consciousness and compassion into ever-expanding circles. The circle of "my neighbor" is an ever-increasing number of people with whom I am capable of truly empathizing. A global heart has an inclusive, wide tent and a porous boundary!

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I think that Philippine would be very surprised by the admiration and inspiration that she arouses in us. Years ago, when I heard about her for the first time, I was impressed by her desire to be a missionary. I was struck by the fact that, with all that needed to be done in her country, with the great needs and challenges of the society of her time, she looked beyond her own frontiers and wanted to bring the love of the heart of Christ "to the ends of the earth".

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