In today’s dynamic and ever changing world, it is a real privilege to be preparing girls for the future, and here at the International School of the Sacred Heart we aim to support our girls to aim high to achieve their full potential. A Sacred Heart graduate is confident, self aware and ready to go out into the world with a full understanding of her place in it, and the importance of giving back.

If you are wondering whether single gender education is for your daughter, you may wish to consider the positive impact that Sacred Heart schools have had educating girls the world over, for over 200 years. As the oldest all girl international school in Japan, we have served as advocates for girls’ education for over a hundred years, because we have experienced first hand the power of such a transformative learning environment on girls from diverse backgrounds. In my time as high school principal I have seen how each girl learns to find her own voice, develops her own interests and becomes confident to make decisions that are right for her. Now more than ever, it is essential that a girl understands her abilities and power, and knows how to use her talents and strengths to contribute positively to society.

The high school prepares each girl to attend the university of her choice and we take great pride in a 100% university acceptance every year. The highly academic and supportive university preparation program excites, challenges and stimulates each girl to become a critical thinker who is unafraid to question the status quo. I often hear girls say that here at Sacred Heart, it is cool to work hard, and it is cool to be smart. Our teachers encourage curiosity and finding joy in learning for its own sake, and make themselves available to provide one on one time to ensure each girl is supported to achieve her full potential. The Advanced Placement program offered in grades 11 and 12 is perfectly suited to the needs of our girls, as it offers the flexibility to tailor the curriculum to the student, not the other way around.

Our school has had a global outlook long before ‘global citizenship’ became a trend in education. Established in France, brave sisters from the Society of the Sacred Heart soon ventured to North America and further around the world. Therefore, International Mindedness is something our school does really well. Through both the curricular and extracurricular programs, students develop ways of thinking and acting based on a belief that we can make our interdependent world a better place. In accordance with our third Sacred Heart goal, “school programs promote active citizenship and civic responsibility on the local, national and global level.”

Outside of the classroom we offer a robust range of extra curricular activities – do browse the website to see Sacred Heart girls enthusiastically singing in the choir, pushing themselves on the sports field, leading an activity or event – the possibilities are endless.

With absolute confidence, I can say that this is a place where girls thrive. I am constantly impressed and delighted by the achievements of our girls, and love to welcome them back to Sacred Heart when they come to visit. If you wish your daughter to be a feisty, resilient and confident woman in the future, come and visit the school to see for yourself.

Charmaine Young
High School Principal