College Guidance

College Guidance at Sacred Heart is considered an outgrowth of a comprehensive school wide cooperation of all aspects of our students future. Information is given to students and parents at the proper developmental stages through class meetings and parent programs. This includes suggestions on how to establish sound habits as a student and person which will present the best opportunity to pursue the ‘right fit when it comes to plans for after high school.

In Grade 10, the efforts become more directly focused as students take the PSAT Exam for the first time during school hours in October. The results are explained to students and parents and Personality and Career Assessments are done through access to the College Board website in their Personal Education classes. Students also have a one period a week SAT English Preparation course and have the option to pursue SAT Math help in their Options class.

In Grade 11, students have a weekly class where many aspects of post secondary options are explained. The PSAT is taken for the 2nd time and the College Search process begins in earnest in at the beginning of the second semester including a parent/student/counselor conference to explore desires and choices. Many Grade 11 students choose to attend presentations by the dozens of representatives of college and universities around the globe who come to Sacred Heart or the Tokyo area.

In Grade 12, students again have a weekly class where they begin work on all aspects of the college applications. The weekly classes continue in Grade 12 for the second semester now focusing on topics involving the transition from high school to college, and living abroad.

The Guidance Counselor is ready and willing to assist families with all areas of this exciting and important process.

Please contact the Guidance Counselor at any time with any questions concerning your daughter’s future.

Holly Sin
College Guidance Counselor
Tel: (03) 3400-3951 ext 233.