High School Credit Requirements

The High School Diploma is granted to students who have earned a minimum of 22 credits and have successfully fulfilled all of the requirements.

Minimum Graduation Requirements:

English  4 credits  1 credit per year
Mathematics  3 credits  1 credit per year
Language  3 credits  1 credit per year
Science  2 credits  1.5 credits per year
Social Studies  2 credits  1 credit per year
Elective Subjects  3 credits  Grades 11 and 12 only
Values   1 credit  1/2 credit per year
Art  1 credit  1/2 credit per year
Physical Education  1 credit  1/2 credit per year
Options  1 credit  1/2 credit per year
Theory of Knowledge and Personal Finance  1/2 credit  Grade 12 only
Personal Education  1/2 credit   1/4 credit per year
Total   22 credits  

Credit Award: 

  • A credit is generally awarded for passing a full year academic course meeting four or more times per week.
  • Biology, Chemistry and Physics each earn 0.5 credit per year in Grade 9 and in Grade 10.
  • Art earns 1 credit for combined Grades 9 and 10. An Art subject earns 1 credit for Grade 11 and 1 credit for Grade 12.
  • Physical Education earns 1 credit for combined Grades 9 and 10.
  • Extra ½ credit make-up courses are authorized on a case-by-case basis by the Principal.
  • Credits are not given for courses in which a student has received a final grade of “F” for fail or “U” for unsatisfactory.
  • A student must receive at least a "satisfactory" grade for the year in Values, Options and other non-academic courses in classes 9 - 12 in order to gain the credit. Those with bona fide medical excuses will not need to meet this requirement in physical education.