Non-Credit Courses


2 periods per week + 1 other practice

Century 21 (G9 only)

One Year - 1 period per week

In the developing knowledge economy, participants are challenged to think in complex ways with everchanging variables. The workplaces of the 21st century have a flat, collegial work environment, where members are thinking about outcomes and principles--with an ever-changing set of variables. Participants are also expected to collaborate with peers and across disciplines. Being lifelong learners is a very important trait in this new world economy and schools must prepare students for this new reality. It is for these reasons that we are offering the C21 course to develop student capacity to work within the following curriculum framework that is:

  • Interdisciplinary
  • Project-Based
  • Research-Oriented
  • Focused on developing global competence by connecting to community - locally, nationally and globally
  • Uses multiple literacies (ie; media, information, financial etc.)
  • Incorporates strategies for developing independent and interdependent student

High School Band

2 periods per week

This group is formed by open audition in the first week of school. High School band usually comprises of several vocalists, two keyboard players, bass, guitars, drums, percussion and other solo instruments. All the music is chosen by the band and represents a wide range of contemporary rock and pop material. We rehearse in the school band room, which boasts a full digital recording studio. Large live stage sets are the band performance venues four times during the year. The band works towards making professional quality C.D.s and D.V.D.s and has a one-day workshop to shoot an on-location music video. Opportunities are given within the program for students to master: technical equipment; instruments; video and sound editing. Students take full responsibility for stage presentation, choreography, musical direction, C.D. and D.V.D. presentations.
High School Band meets:

  • Period 8 on Fridays and Friday afternoons until 4:00 p.m.
  • Wednesdays at lunch time

High School Choir

2 periods per week

The Choir at Sacred Heart is open to all students and is a large group of dynamic singers who perform many times throughout the year. Choir provides students with an opportunity to improve their musical and singing skills, as well as giving them a chance to participate in the re-creation of great works of choral music - from Renaissance to Broadway. Participation in the choir is a pre-requisite to auditioning for the small select Vocal Ensemble. Many opportunities for solo work are also possible for members of the choir.
High School Choir runs for the entire year, meeting;

  • Period 8 on Friday and Friday afternoons until 4:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday afternoons until 4:30 p.m.

Junior Guidance (G11)

Senior Guidance (G12)

Senior Topics (G12)