Admissions Policy and Process

The International School of the Sacred Heart educates children and young women of the international community in Tokyo to believe, learn, serve, connect, and grow. Families who choose our internationally-minded education believe that the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria provide an ideal environment for their children to develop courage and confidence. Applicants and their parents/guardians are expected to support the Goals and Criteria of the International School of the Sacred Heart. 

The school serves girls and boys in Pre-K and Kindergarten (ages 3-5) and girls in Grades 1 to 12. The educational program is provided through English and our common social and communication language is English, while recognizing the value of a student’s heritage language(s). One of the parents must be able to speak and read English. 

Our community is made up of families for whom the Japanese education system is not a viable option. From Grade 1 to Grade 6 an applicant or one of her parent’s must hold a non-Japanese passport. Our school community welcomes and respects persons of diverse beliefs and educates toward an understanding of the religions and spiritual traditions of the world. 

Siblings of currently enrolled students and children of alumni are given priority, however, acceptance is not automatic. The school accepts students transferring from accredited international schools in Tokyo on a case by case basis. An applicant may apply up to a maximum of three times.

The admissions committee considers factors such as language, educational background/ability, and alignment of family values with the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria. The school seeks diversity of culture/ethnicity at each grade, and also a healthy balance of language proficiency and learning styles. For information regarding age guidelines, English Language Acquisition (ELA) and learning support, please refer to the Admissions Guidelines.

Applications are submitted online. No third party school placement agency or consultant directly represents ISSH; such services are not necessary for our personal admissions experience. ISSH admits girls and boys in kindergarten, and girls in grades 1-12, and follows demographic information on the passport. The school does not discriminate on the basis of religion, creed, socioeconomic status, culture, language, accent, national origin or ancestry, race, color, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or physical appearance. ISSH cannot accommodate every need and accepts students who will be able to thrive within our programs.



1. Apply Online (below) and submit the Application Fee
2. Admissions Assessment/Screening (K5 to G12)
3. Interview, scheduled by the Admissions Office
4. Admissions Decision Communicated
5. Signed Enrollment Contract due to ISSH one week after an offer
6. Registration fee due one week from signing the Enrollment Contract

Please contact the Admissions Office if you have any questions.