Admissions Process

Admissions Policy

Rooted in the Goals of the Society of the Sacred Heart, the International School of the Sacred Heart educates young women of the international community in Tokyo to believe, learn, serve, connect, and grow. Families who choose our school believe that the school Goals and Criteria provide an ideal environment for their daughters to grow in courage and confidence.

The school is dedicated to serving the educational needs of the daughters of foreign nationals in the Tokyo area. We offer programs for Pre-K (ages 3-4), Kindergarten (age 5) and Grades 1-12. Boys aged 3-5 years are accepted into the Pre-K and Kindergarten programs. Our community is predominantly made up of internationally mobile families for whom the Japanese education system is not an option.  From Kindergarten to Grade 6, the applicant and at least one parent must hold a non-Japanese passport to be eligible to apply.  The school accepts students transferring from accredited International Schools in Tokyo on a case by case basis.  An applicant may apply up to a maximum of three times. 

In addition, for Kindergarten to Grade 8 applicants, at least one of the parents must be able to speak and read English. The educational program is provided through English and our common social and communication language is English, while recognising the value of a student’s mother tongue.

Siblings of currently enrolled students and children of alumnae are given priority, however acceptances are not automatic.

The Admissions Board considers factors such as language, educational ability and background as part of the admissions process to ensure diversity and balance in our homerooms.  Please note that applications are not considered by the date on which they are received.  Please contact the Admissions Office to confirm eligibility before submitting an application.


Admissions Process