International Mindedness


At the International School of the Sacred Heart we strive for international mindedness as a way of thinking and acting based on a belief that we can make our interdependent world a better place. 

In our curricular and co-curricular programs in Grades 7-12 we:

  1. value the importance of developing and reaffirming individual identity and self-esteem 
  2. are open to understanding the complexity of cultures and faiths
  3. promote and teach additional languages and communication skills
  4. develop skills for non-violent conflict resolution and peacemaking
  5. advocate for equal dignity and social justice
  6. recognise our responsibility to take care of the earth and each other g. instill a lifelong commitment to serve locally, nationally and globally 

In our curricular and co-curricular programs in Grades K-6 we:

  1. recognize and take pride in who we are, where we come from, and how we grow
  2. respect how we are alike and different
  3. learn other languages and ways to communicate
  4. learn to work and play with others and solve problems peacefully
  5. treat all with equal respect and stand up for others
  6. understand that we share the Earth and need to take care of it and each other
  7. learn to help others at home, in our community, and around the world