Message to Parents (sent on June 4, 2020)

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 and their parents and families! I am very proud of our graduates. A big thank you to Ms. Young, the high school principal for planning and delivering a wonderful graduation video. You may watch the video on the school’s website.

E-learning is coming to an end but we still have several things to look forward to. Next week students in MS and HS will come into school in small numbers at a time to return their books. We ask that students stay on campus no longer than their allotted time for student, faculty and staff health reasons. Virtual End of Year Assemblies and Promotions will be held next Thursday and Friday to bring students together and say goodbye to leaving students, faculty and staff. 

Kindergarten and Junior School students are coming in this week and up until Wednesday of next week to do library summer check out and pick up class presents and portfolios. 

Planning is ongoing in three areas for the opening of the new school year, 2020-2021

Firstly, in the area of Logistics, Health and Safety we have had a demonstration on how a Thermal camera works. The preferred camera can detect body temperatures of 37.5 C and higher of 20 people at a time from a radius of 3 metres. 

We are making decisions regarding 

  • drop off and pick up
  • use of the parking lot
  • classroom setup
  • traffic flow throughout the buildings
  • changes to our catering service to provide box lunches

In the area of Teaching and Learning, we are continuing to deliver a quality curriculum and taking into consideration lessons we have learned over the past three months. There were some unexpected positive outcomes which we will take forward with us. Over the summer professional development will be offered to the faculty in the area of blended learning.

Well-being is third area we will focus on next school year. Therefore, we are

  •  increasing the number of counseling hours available for students,
  • reviewing the MS/HS homeroom pastoral program,
  • And are providing professional development for faculty and staff regarding supporting the social and emotional well-being of our students.

At the beginning of August, we will make a decision about which plan (Blue, Coral or White) we will start the new school year with on August 26 for MS/HS students and August 28 for Kindergarten/Junior School students. This information will be communicated with families by email, and will be posted on the school website.

The Summer School preparation for K-G8 students is in an advanced stage of planning and will start on June 22nd.

Yearbooks have been printed but there is a delay due to reduced international shipping to Japan. We will start the year with a yearbook signing and for the Class of 2020 they will be able to sign their yearbooks at the Homecoming scheduled for December. The school will contact leaving families when the yearbooks arrive on campus to plan collection or delivery.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Yvonne Hayes
International School of the Sacred Heart
Tokyo, Japan.
Tel. 81 3 3400 3951
Fax 81 3 3400 3496