Emergency School Closure

In the event of inclement weather conditions please check the school website anytime after 6:00 am. , a message will appear on the Homepage . There will also be a recorded message at 3400-3951. The following procedures will take place to inform families about school closures:

  • a notice will be posted on the school website by 6:00 am.
  • a recorded message with the notification will be left on the school answering machine by 6:00 am. If you call (03) 3400 3951 you will get the answering machine with the recorded message of the closure.
  • an e-mail with the notification will be sent to parents by 6:00 am.

Typhoon or Snow Days

During typhoon season, we ask our parents to be aware of the school policy regarding early dismissal in a minor emergency. If a serious typhoon is threatening the Kanto Plain area please make sure that you can be contacted easily either at home or work in case of early dismissal. Homeroom teachers will dismiss the students according to the emergency dismissal form filled out by the parents. In the event of an emergency closing of the school due to typhoons, snow or other causes, the students will be dismissed according to the procedures below.


In the event of a severe earthquake it will probably be impossible for anyone to return home for at least 24 hours. Therefore, all staff members and students will remain on campus and no attempt will be made to contact parents after the earthquake. Parents are asked to come and collect their children only after the roads are declared safe.

Transportation Strike

School will be open even if there is a transportation strike. It is at the parents' discretion to determine whether their child should attempt to come to school.