EarthQUAke Drills

Earthquake evacuation drills for all students and staff are held at regular intervals throughout the school year. The first drill of the year, in early September, is marked in the calendar. It is an earthquake drill followed by an evacuation due to a fire. Earthquake drills are announced over the public announcement system. Students get under tables and desks until it is announced that the earthquake is over. When an earthquake does occur, the students respond by going under the desks. When the earth stops moving, the children resume working.

Earthquake Procedures

In the event of a severe earthquake it will probably be impossible for anyone to return home for at least 24 hours since one or more of the following conditions may exist:

  • Electrical power, water supply and telephone communication could be disrupted;
  • Transportation could be disrupted and roads blocked;
  • Fires resulting from the earthquake could be widespread throughout the city.

Faculty and staff members and students will remain on campus and no attempt will be made to contact parents immediately after the earthquake. Parents are asked to come and collect their children after the roads are declared safe. The International School of the Sacred Heart is not an official temporary shelter and as such parents who have collected their children will be directed to the official designated temporary shelters.

Inside Procedures

  1. Open doors and windows.
  2. Get under tables or desks and cover head with helmets or other protective material.
  3. Stay away from windows and doors.
  4. Remain silent to receive emergency instructions.
  5. Stay inside building unless otherwise instructed.
  6. Follow fire drill procedures if instructed to evacuate buildings, and move quickly and silently to the evacuation site.

Outside Procedures

  1. Lie on the ground away from buildings and wires until movement has ceased.
  2. Stay away from buildings where debris might fall.

Assemble on the Field

  1. Faculty will take the roll call.
  2. A registration point will be established.

Overnight Stay

  1. The decision may be made to enter the building if an overnight stay is necessary. In this case, the registration point for Kindergarten, Junior School and Middle School will be at the Middle School entrance. The registration point for High School will be the Lodge.
  2. Rooms within the school have been designated for overnight stay.

Long Stay Outside of the School Building

If the buildings were considered unsafe, the school field would be used as an evacuation center.