In the event of a fire drill, an alarm is sounded for everyone to evacuate the building. There is a specific route designated from each classroom to the field. Students line up in class groups; teachers take attendance. Students return to their classroom when directed to do so by administration. Smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and alarms are located throughout the building. In case of an actual fire, students would evacuate the building, the fire department personnel would respond to the situation. An assessment would be made of the damage and the administration would decide if the students would be dismissed from school.

During School Hours

The teacher, custodian, or administrator discovering the fire shall sound the fire alarm. Fire alarms are located on the walls of hallways. Each staff member is familiar with the location of fire alarms and will ring the fire alarm bell immediately in case of fire emergency. (If a student happens to discover the fire, she should immediately inform a teacher or the lodge.)

Students and staff will evacuate the building as they have been instructed.

  • Follow the approved exit plan posted at the front of every classroom.
  • Maintain absolute order and silence during emergency.
  • Stay alert and pay attention to instructions.
  • Be swift and serious.
  • Keep hand cupped over nose and mouth, as suffocation from smoke inhalation is the greatest danger in a fire. Students should crawl if smoke is very thick.
  • Once in assembly area, group according to homeroom and in alphabetical order.
  • Homeroom teachers will take roll call and report any absences to the Principal.
  • Everyone stays in the evacuated area until further instruction is given.

After School Hours

Whoever discovers a fire call the Fire Department (phone #119).

Follow the above procedures.