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A.P. 3D Design visit to Emon Gallery Hiroo
A.P. 3D Design visit to Emon Gallery Hiroo

Reported by Mr. Tootell, Head of Creative and Performing Arts, A.P. 3D Design Teacher

Once again our students had the excellent opportunity of meet exhibiting photo artist Yuji Sasaki during his group show at Emon Gallery in Hiroo.

Gallery Emon specializes in showing contemporary Japanese and international large format photographers.
The gallery curator and our translator Moto Yoshikuni made us feel welcome and helped us embrace the concepts behind the work of these 5 artists. Our students posed insightful questions to both the Curator and the Photographer Sasaki and we left after having a visit filling us all with new photo ideas. We look forward to maintaining our future connections with this important photo gallery just 5 minutes walk from school.