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MSHS Homework Guidelines

Parents should consult with their child’s teacher if it is taking their child considerably longer than this suggested time.

Note: Teachers are not required to provide homework ahead of time when a family plans absences from school during regular semester time.


Guidelines for Teachers:

  • identify the purpose of homework assignments and communicate expectations 
  • give consideration to quality over quantity
  • write homework assignments on the board or record on Moodle and provide time for students to record them
  • review, discuss and return, if collected, homework in a timely manner - provide feedback
  • notify parents early regarding homework problems and missing assignments
  • modify homework expectation for students in ESL and Study Skills
  • teach students techniques that can help them to develop good study habits in the subject area
  • major tests/assignments* should be written in on the testing schedule. Only 2 major tests should be held on one day
  • major tests are defined as those lasting a whole period and covering a large section of material such as a complete chapter
  • in grades 11 and 12 students are prepared for higher education, therefore up to 3 test/essays/assignments on a single day may occur at the end of a marking period if no other testing slots are available
  • homework and tests other than review should not be given in the week before the end of year examinations
  • extensive homework assignments should not be due on the first day back from a holiday
  • no homework should be set in Values, Personal Education and MS Options, however, if class time for work has not been fully utilised, students can be expected to catch up. Likewise if there are learning activities that cannot be completed in class this should be at the teachers discretion.

Guidelines for Students:

  • record homework when assigned
  • seek clarification from the teacher when unclear about homework
  • use class time provided for completing class work and/or starting homework
  • complete all assigned homework
  • seek assistance from teacher when demonstrating an inability to complete homework
  • be responsible for getting missed assignments
  • study, don’t cram.

Guidelines for Parents: 

  • promote a positive attitude towards homework as part of the learning process
  • monitor time management and productivity
  • communicate with teachers at the earliest possible opportunity if the child has demonstrated consistent inability to complete homework.

Guidelines for Principals:

  • monitor and support the teachers in the implementation of homework guidelines
  • support the need for balance among the many learning activities beside homework in students’ lives.

MS Only:

  • no subject should require more than one major assessment to be completed in any week
  • projects should be mainly completed in class, completed at home if additional time is needed grade 5/6 - No homework to be set on weekends
  •  grade 5-8 - No homework to be set over holidays (including long weekends). ESL holiday homework may be set for language maintenance

Homework time guidelines:

  • Grade 5/6 10 minutes per 40 minute period in academic subjects.
  • Grade 7/8 15 minutes per 40 minute period in academic subjects.