Building 1 Images and Key Features

We are delighted to have SANAA as the architects for our new building.  Their conceptual narrative follows each image.

The proposal is a thin building to preserve the existing trees that line the edge of the playground. The building appears to float above the landscape to reveal the existing terrain. Programs are gently nestled in the landscape to create new indoor and outdoor spaces that are surrounded by light, air, and greenery. New paths are planned to and around the building so students can enjoy the landscape as an extension of the playground.

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Upon completion, the building will house a new Multimedia / Creativity Center, 5 Science Labs, Middle School floor with various classrooms, Kitchen and Dining Room, Food Lab, Library, 3D Art Studio, Drama Room, Choir Room and new Dance Studio.  We are excited to see the final result!

Creativity Center

This center will be 3 x the size of the current space used for Maker Space, Robotics and all Multimedia. It will contain an enlarged Green Room, recording booths, and an interview section, as well as space for Robotics and Maker Space. It will offer an expanded space for students to build and integrate their creative skills, and to develop their Multimedia skills with greater professionalism. 

Various Rooms

Health and Safety Features

“Universal Design”

•    Barrier-free access to all rooms
•    Environmentally friendly
•    Modern airflow and temperature control
•    Modern lighting in addition to capitalizing on our natural light
•    Modern methods of gathering and conserving energy
•    Building 1 South Wing will have emergency exits on both the 2nd and 1st floors, an elevator, and 2 sets of stairs
•    All safety codes met, with earthquake safety well above the standard code as is true in our current buildings
•    Water bottle refilling stations on each floor

Larger rooms for both flexibility and social distancing when conditions require