Key Features of the New Building

Pritzker Prize winning architect Kazuyo Sejima with SANAA designed our new building.

The proposal is a thin building to preserve the existing trees that line the edge of the playground. The building appears to float above the landscape to reveal the existing terrain. Programs are gently nestled in the landscape to create new indoor and outdoor spaces that are surrounded by light, air, and greenery. New paths are planned to and around the building so students can enjoy the landscape as an extension of the playground.

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Arts & Science building with a beautiful community Dining Room/Kitchen, Library and 8 new classrooms along with the 5 Science Labs, Food Lab, 3D Arts Studio, Drama & Choral rooms, Multimedia Center and Dance Studio. 

Health and Safety Features

“Universal Design”

•    Barrier-free access to all rooms
•    Environmentally friendly
•    Earthquake safe
•    Modern airflow and temperature control
•    Modern lighting in addition to capitalizing on our natural light