Donor Recognition Levels

 Level  Donation Amount Donor Families

 Friends of Mrs. Hayes
 Yvonne Hayes
 Headmistress 2008~

 100,000~499,999 yen

 Satoko Imai (Nao ‘17)
 Sr. Shell Olson
 Priya Mehta '96
 Margaret and James Griffiths
 The Barker Family (Ren)
 Benjamin Eyre
 The Lin Family (Miaohan)
 In Memory of Sr. Ruth Sheehy
 In Memory of Sarah Draughn ('81)
 The Kissner-Ventimiglia Family ( Lucia)
 The Ohtani Family (Yuna)
 The Yang Family (Lucya)
 Christopher Gray Family
 The Fujikawa Family (Mariko)
 Haruko Liu
 The Mochida Family (In Memory of Maki '88)
 The Sunaga Family (Diana)
 The Hankinson Family (Anna ’11)
 The Hosking Family (Amy)
 The Zhu Family (Jiayi)
 The Hornmark Family
 The Lin Family (Miaohan)
 The Takei Family (Erika)
 Christine Tai (Cook)
 The Park Family (Soyi)
 The Tada Family (Erika)
 The Zhang Family (Zhonger)
 The Pontes Family (Clara, Lina and Alisa)

 Friends of Sr. Egawa
 Masako Egawa RSCJ
 Headmistress 1996~2008
 500,000 ~ 999,999 yen


 Sheehy Legacy Donors
 Ruth Sheehy RSCJ
 Headmistress 1974~1981, 1987~1996
 1,000,000 ~ 3,999,999 yen

 The Tsukahara Family (Chie)
 The Sano Family (Luna)
 The Yamazaki/Vemoa Family (Maheli)   anonymous
 The Oishi Family
 The Oishi Family (Mina and Alisa)
 The Ji Family (Youmi)
 Svininnikov Family (Anna and Maria)
 The Kim Family (Sera and Sasha)
 The Chen Family (Nalin and Tuoya)
 The Ma Family (Ziyi and Zisui)

 Culhane Legacy Donors
 Patricia Culhane RSCJ
 Headmistress 1969~1973
 4,000,000~5,999,999 yen  Miho and Hiko Sakaguchi (Harumi & Hina)
 Atkinson Legacy Donors
 Florence Atkinson RSCJ
 Headmistress 1954~1956
 8,000,000~8,999,999 yen  

 Keogh Legacy Donors
 Brigid Keogh RSCJ
 Headmistress 1953~1954

 9,000,000~9,999,999 yen  
 Yoshikawa Legacy Donors
 Monica Yoshikawa RSCJ
 Headmistress 1941~1953
 10,000,000~19,999,999 yen

 Sacred Heart Parents' Board
 The Akatsu Family
 Sacred Heart Tennis Circle

 Mayer Legacy Donors
 Hermanna Mayer RSCJ
 Headmistress 1937~1940

 20,000,000~39,999,999 yen  
 Sheldon Legacy Donors
 Mary Sheldon RSCJ
 Headmistress 1917~1937
 40,000,000~59,999,999 yen  

 Gibbs Legacy Donors
 Ruby Gibbs, one of the first graduates of Gogakko
  1915  later, naturalized as Mariko Ito RSCJ

 60,000,000~79,999,999 yen  
 Heydon Legacy Donors
 Brigid Heydon RSCJ
 Headmistress 1908~1916
 80,000,000~99,999,999 yen  
 Salmon Legacy Donors
 Amelie Salmon RSCJ, Superior of Province of Australia
 Established the   first Sacred Heart School in Japan in 1908
 100,000,000~399,999,999 yen  
 Stuart Legacy Donors
 Janet Stuart RSCJ, Superior General, 1911~1914
 and educator par  excellence
 400,000,000~699,999,999 yen  
 Duchesne Legacy Donors
 St.Philippine Duchesne
 Established the first Sacred Heart Schools outside of France in 1818
 700,000,000~999,999,999 yen  
 Barat Legacy Donors
 St.Madeleine Sophie Barat
 Founder of the Society of the Sacred Heart in 1800, and the first Sacred Heart school, Amiens, France, 1801
 1,000,000,000 yen +