Sacred Heart has a bright future to aspire towards. Over the next few years, we are planning to completely rebuild the existing Middle School and High School buildings, in order to have state of the art facilities that provide future-orientated, practical, safe and environmentally-friendly facilities for students to benefit from.

Our current buildings have served us well over the past 54 years (1967 - 2021) and continue to do so. However we are aware that they are very much in need of upgrading and optimization to meet the evolving needs of students and faculty. We are also aware that spending money annually on old-building repairs and periodically in order to meet the required Earthquake Approval Codes in Japan is not a viable long-term strategy

The overall project consists of 3 new buildings (to be completed sequentially in 3 different phases). The 3rd would include an auditorium, which would be the first time Sacred Heart would have its own auditorium. 

We need everyone’s support, to help us achieve our fundraising goals, to turn our plans into a reality, and ensure the continued success of our school.

Please enjoy the video in next page and read on to find out more about how you can help.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best wishes,

Yvonne Hayes