With Courage and Confidence, Sacred Heart is planning to construct a new building with science labs, classrooms, spaces for artistic development in drama, music, dance, studio art and a food lab, elevated play spaces and a stunning community dining room and kitchen. It will be a place to build strong friendships that will last a lifetime. We are planning to begin this project in the Summer of 2026. Our timing is recommended by our Architects, SANAA, who understand the global materials markets, the status of supply chains, and challenges in securing construction and labor demands after the Noto Earthquake. In the Fall of 2024, the “detail design” phase and revised cost estimates will be ready. We will need deep and wide support to turn our plans into reality and we hope you will find your Ways to Give. Thank you for your consideration. Together, we can ensure the continued outstanding quality and success of our program and the strength of our community!

With courage, confidence and deep gratitude,
Anne Wachter, RSCJ
Head of School