Design Build

We will be proceeding with a Design-Build process.

Step 1  Architectural Company

The standard Design-Build process means first hiring an architectural/engineering company to preparing the Basic, or Schematic Design. In our case, that same company will help us hire the construction company. They will also serve as Project Manager for quality control and cost containment for the remainder of the project.

Step 2  General Contractor

The 2nd company we will hire will be a large general contractor with an excellent architectural division. They will do the detailed design stage and oversee their construction division for accuracy of carrying out the design. Here is a diagram we received from the Sacred Heart Headquarters to illustrate Step 1 of the process which we have begun.


We are in the beginning of the bidding stage, where architects who have been recommended are studying Building 1, and our land, and deciding whether they will make a proposal.

Hiring the architect

Contacts were made with

  • large architectural engineering companies
  • architects known to parents, faculty, and staff
  • alumnae architects

They were asked if they wanted to

  • receive a “Request for Proposal” explaining our process
  • come for a site visit the following week
  • ask questions to gain further details
  • submit an “Intent to Tender”

More than 15 Intents to Tender were received.

Each company will submit its proposal for our screening, and top contenders will be invited back for an interview.  Our detailed opinions will be written and given to Sacred Heart Headquarters in preparation for a meeting of the Board of Directors, who will approve an architect.

2 Project Managers

1)  Sacred Heart’s Project Manager’s responsibilities include

  • Directing the process of hiring the architectural firm,
  • Working with the selected architects to give them the information they need from us,
  • Working with them in their role as Project Manager, to be sure we get what we need while making adjustments when necessary for cost containment.

All of the time this includes working as the link between the Project and the Headmistress, being sure that she is fully informed without having to attend every meeting, and that her decisions, in consultation with the appropriate advisors, are carried out.

2) Project / Construction Manager – to be provided by the Step 1 Architectural Company

  • Quality control
  • Cost containment

Impact of construction period on current student activities

The construction should actually have very little impact.

Drop-off and Pick-up

Construction vehicles will enter at non-drop-off times by the North gate and up the hill by the soccer field.  This worked very smoothly during the construction of the K/JS building in 2010~2011.

After School Activities

There should be minimal effect.  The demolition of some rooms means there will likely be fewer spaces available between 3:00 and the Middle and High School end of classes at 3:30.  As we do not use all of the rooms now, this is not expected to be a problem.

Physical Space

Our experience from the construction of the K/JS building in 2010~2011 is that part of the playground may need to be used for barriers in front of the construction site.  But as it is such a large playground, and much larger than it was prior to 2010, this should not be significant.