K/JS Activities

Sacred Heart teachers provide after school activities to expose students to new skills and activities. These activities are free of charge unless marked with **

After School Activities

Digital Creativity Club**

Do you love making things with a computer and learning new skills?

ï Would you like to learn how to make video games and create and share better through digital media with original images, animations, video and music?

This is the club for you!

Open to girls from G2-4

  • New members will follow a set list of activities to build up core skills
  • Returning members will be given more freedom to choose new projects/come up with their own

>>>>>>>> Go here to see examples of previous club members' work<<<<<<<<

New in 2017-18:

  • 10 minute longer running time
  • Everyone will be making their own page for sharing this year in the new Google Sites
  • Returning students can ask for custom projects (as far as I am able to help)
  • Private lessons for individuals or small group tutoring can be booked on non-club days for more intensive skill development: sean.thompson@issh.ac.jp

Returning Club Members

There is a menu of old favourites and new ideas to follow below (not necessarily in order) or...

you can pitch your own idea for something you would like to learn!

  • Scratch creation
  • Photoshop yourself into a cool setting (examples)
  • Make / print an original book
  • Make your own logo
  • Digital story telling with Keynote
  • Making your own video games with Sploder.com
  • Make original music mixing with loops in GarageBand
  • Making and sharing quiz shows with Kahoot.it
  • iMovie Trailer for game

New Members

  • Make your own logo
  • Digital story telling with Keynote
  • Making your own video games with Sploder.com
  • Make original music mixing with loops in GarageBand
  • Making and sharing quiz shows with Kahoot.it
  • Make a groovy song with the animated guys in Incredibox


  • September 7, 14, 21, 28
  • October 5, 12, 19
  • November 2, 9, 16, 30
  • December 7

Digital Creativity Club Website

Irish Dance**

Japanese Calligraphy**

Ms. Chie, our JS Assistant Librarian is certified in Shodo -Calligraphy and is very pleased to offer this course to our students in Sacred Heart!


This is a beginner/introductory course for students, who want to start learning calligraphy. For students who participated in the activity last school year, the class continues.

Students learn how to write Chinese characters or Hiragana or Katakana with a Fude (=a special calligraphy brush )in Bokuju(=a special ink for calligraphy) on Hanshi (=a special thin paper).

The activity is offered in Japanese mainly, and some shodo terminology will be explained in English too, in particular for beginners, with no previous experience in calligraphy.

A student will learn:

  • to create a piece of work signed by her own name on various sizes of special paper.
  • to enjoy learning the beautiful aspects of Kanji originated from Chinese character and Hiragana originated from or/and based on Kanji.
  • to express herself by way of making a character/s or a letter/s or a word/s on special paper.

For New Students (Total Cost: ¥25,000)

Materials: ¥5,000

Each student needs special calligraphy materials, which Ms. Chie will purchase for each student and which the student can keep after the course. This one-time fee of ¥5,000 includes the following: a Fude (a calligraphy brush), Shitajiki (a paper mat), Bunchin (a paper weight), Ink stone (an ink pond), Zokin (a cloth), PLUS Shared Bokuju, Shared Hanshi (Papers), Shared plastic ink pond.

Lesson Fee: ¥2,000 each week (¥20,000 total for 10 lessons)

For Returning Students (who have participated in previous school years) (Total Cost: ¥22,000)

Materials: ¥2,000

- Her own new brush PLUS Shared Bokuju, Shared Hanshi (Papers), Shared plastic ink pond.

Lesson Fee: ¥2,000 each week (¥20,000 total for 10 lessons)

Please note:

  1. Bokuju (=black ink) is a permanent ink and it is hard to remove should it get spattered onto a school uniform. Therefore, it is essential that each student should wear an art apron to cover her school uniform or better still - wear all black clothes for this activity.
  2. Please bring in newspapers.
  3. Please fill out the ①Registration Form, ②Exhibition Permission Form, ③Leaving by herself permission Form (G4)
  4. Please select the class period: the 3 p.m. class or the 4 p.m. class.
  5. Please pick up your daughter at the Breezeway after her lesson. I will bring the participants there for dismissal due to our school’s safety policy. Children taking the 3 p.m. course can be picked up in the Breezeway at 4 p.m. Children in the 4 p.m. class can be picked up in the Breezeway at 5 p.m.

When and Where:

Calligraphy will be held in the K/JS Art Room on Tuesday afternoons 3 - 4 p.m. OR 4 - 5 p.m.

The first lesson is on September 12th. Lessons will continue until December 5th.

Japanese Fun and Games

KJS Activities Japanese Fun and GamesGrades: K4-G4

Dates: 2 Sessions - Semester 1 & 2

Japanese Fun and Games for Native Speakers, K4 to G1
The program aims to enhance the oral communication skills of native Japanese speakers while encouraging them to value their own language. The lessons also focus on Japanese letters/script in order to prepare students to read and write Japanese in later grades.

KJS Activities Japanese Fun and Games2

Japanese Fun and Games for Native Speakers, G2 to G4
The program aims to enhance the communication skills of native Japanese speakers while encouraging them to value their own language and culture. The lessons also focus on computer literacy in Japanese through authentic texts and other materials.

Japanese Fun and Games for Non-Native Speakers, K5 to G2The program aims to develop the oral communication skills of non-native speakers. Students engage in interactive games, handicrafts and cultural activities in order to build their knowledge of Japanese language and culture. Some English is used in this program.

Junior Duchesne Choir

Grades: G2 - G4

Dates: All year

The Junior Duchesne Choir is open to all students in grades 2, 3 and 4 who love to sing. Pieces are selected from the best of the repertoire for this age group and rehearsals are designed to improve vocal tone production, increase sight reading skills and promote healthy vocal habits. The choir performs at the Christmas Program, Family Festival, May Show and the Elementary Choral Festival. The size of the group varies slightly from year to year but, on average, 75-90 singers regularly make this year-long commitment.

Junior Orchestra

Grades: G1 - G4
Dates: All year

The Junior Orchestra is open to any JS students who are currently taking regular private lessons on an orchestral instrument (violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, trombone or tuba). Piano, guitar and recorder players will also be considered if the child has an adequate level of music reading ability. Our weekly rehearsal involves practicing age-appropriate orchestral pieces as well as technique and scale work where necessary. The Junior Orchestra performs regularly throughout the school year and serves as a preparatory ensemble for the Symphony Orchestra.


Grades: G3 and G4
Dates: All year
The K/JS Library is open everyday after school for all members of the school community. Parents are welcome to open a library account to check out books and DVDs. All Kindergarten through Grade 2 students must be accompanied by an adult or other caregiver after school in the library. Grade 3 and 4 students can stay in the library by themselves to read, do their homework or use the Mac laptops.


Grades: G3 - 4
Dates: Winter time

Netball is taught to the 3rd and 4th Graders with a view to the athletes joining an organised team and competing against other schools in Tokyo. Netball is a fast passing game involving very good spatial awareness, excellent body control and advanced shooting skills.


The Multi-skills Club provides fun and challenging sessions for your son or daughter to practise and develop basic sporting skills! These sessions provide an extra hour of physical activity each week to keep him/her healthy and active!

Sessions include a wide variety of activities which develop basic skills, such as balance, catching, throwing, kicking, running and spatial awareness that can be applied to a range of physical activities! Children will have the opportunity to explore and use a wide variety of equipment which can aid their motor skill development.

Where? Sacred Heart mini-gym

Who for? K4-G3 children


G1-3: Mondays 3.05-4.05pm

K4 and K5: Wednesdays 2.55-3.55pm

If you are interested in signing up your child or want more information on price, club dates etc please email Ms Cole: