External Activities at School

Across the week there are a range of activities run by external providers as we value the opportunities this provides to our students. These activity providers are required to sign and abide by our Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct, provide insurance coverage for their participants and abide by the conditions set out by the school for use of school facilities.


The Sacred Heart Aikido Club

With its teachings of discipline, cooperation and respect for others, Aikido is especially beneficial to children. Though the classes are serious they are taught in an enjoyable atmosphere at a pace suited to each individual student.

There are no tournaments in aikido so students do not rely on defeating others in order to improve. In Aikido we have partners, not opponents, and the key to improving is working together with the partner. Students do not need to rely on physical size or strength to take their partner’s balance and control how they move.

Pacific Aikido has been teaching Aikido to children and adults since 1991 and at Sacred Heart since September of 2012. The ISSH Aikido Club is an officially registered dojo of the Aikido World Headquarters under the Aikikai Foundation.

Registration for Aikido can only be done by contacting Pacific Aikido directly.

Class details:

Days LocationTime

Thursdays MP Room 4:05-5:05

Fees: ¥28,000 per term

Classes are open to boys and girls from 5 years old. All levels are welcome.

Contact Paul Neuman at Pacific Aikido to register or for more information.

E-mail: paul@pacificaikido.com

Tel/fax: 03-3350-5434



Chess Club



I can Gymnastics 2016

Keiki Hula

Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

Connections with private music teachers can be facilitated by Mr. Nicholson


Parents’ Pottery Classes

Saturday: 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Contact: steve.tootell@issh.ac.jp

Sports All Year

Tennis Lessons