2018-2019 Clubs

Amnesty International

Amnesty International works to fight against the abuse of human rights worldwide, by taking direct action to enact change. We discuss, gather information, and write petitions to address and raise awareness of international issues. We stand for those neglected, mistreated, and unheard. Amnesty allows an opportunity for us students to not only observe and recognize global injustice, but to actively do something about it.

Animal Rights

Animal Rights club is a club dedicated to advocating the rights of animals, and fostering a love and compassion for all living creatures in our world. As animal rights is such a broad topic, our field of focus lies within what the members of the club are passionate about. In the past, we have discussed dolphin hunting in Japan, and wrote a petition to the mayor of Taiji, the most prominent exporter of dolphin meat. We also work with ARK (Animal Refuge Kansai) during family festival to promote adopting and rescuing pets over buying them from pet shops. We plan on trying to be more actively involved by volunteering at animal shelters, and possibly raising money for an organization/foundation.

Books for All



At dance club, students practice any type of dancing that they want to do. It does not matter how well they do, but the whole purpose is to enjoy dancing and to get used to working as a team in a new environment. Also in dance club, there are two end of semester performances that you can participate in. The purpose of this performance is to allow students to gain courage and confidence by exposing them to a large crowds



Earth club will emphasize the importance of the earth’s conservation. We will discuss and educate Sacred Heart students on environmental issues, as well as to promote and encourage environmentally conscious activities at Sacred Heart such as recycling plastic and compost and charities.



Ekiden,” translated in Japanese to “connect-station,” is a long-distance relay race typically held on roads. The ekiden club welcomes runners of all levels, and we aim to promote the enjoyment of running. In addition to hosting fun group runs around Tokyo such as to Christmas illuminations in Roppongi and cherry blossom streets in Meguro, we also participate in charity races. In the first semester of this year, our club ran in a relay race at the Imperial Palace to donate funds to the victims of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. Our members are dedicated to their fitness and well-being while discovering how fun running can be!



Girls Club is a feminist club that aims to inspire and empower women of all cultures and ethnicities from around the world.  In order to achieve our goals, Girls Club works towards:

  1. Informing and educating others about feminism and why we should support feminism--a topic full of controversies.
  2. Participating in and/or creating our own campaigns or projects to empower women in our Sacred Heart community as well as worldwide.
  3. Supporting organizations that empower women to show Sacred Heart’s support towards female empowerment.



The purpose of the GSA is to raise awareness for the LGBTIQ+ community, advocating for their equal rights. The club will also serve as a place for discussion for any pressing issues (globally for example) regarding LGBTIQ+ and provide a safe and confidential community to not only students struggling with gender identity and expression, but also to straight ally students by creating an environment where all identities are respected. We are also open to discussing and giving support to others through personal experiences and episodes.

History Bee and Bowl

The purpose of the History Bee and Bowl club is to deepen our historical understanding and to challenge ourselves of historical trivia through quiz-formatted meetings. We would also like to participate in the annual International History Bee and Bowl regional tournament--usually held at the Indian International School--and proceed to the Asian Championships and the World Championships if possible.

Rooftop Garden

The Rooftop Garden Club maintains a small garden on the top of the JS rooftop.This year, our club has grown vegetables and herbs such as tomatoes, basil, rosemary, and shiso. In our bi weekly meetings, we discuss the progress of our plants and plant new ones, such as a recent addition of garlic. Our members share watering duties outside of meetings and update an almanac where we can keep track of our plants’ growth through pictures. We hope to cultivate what we successfully grow by the end of the year and enjoy simple dishes made from them!


Medical Society

The Medical Society Club is a community that allows students with interests in the medical field to meet, connect, and share their aspirations and dreams. The club will give students the opportunity to be inspired by guest speakers, learn about the different areas and jobs in the medical field, and also gain the experience of conducting various experiments. This club not only aims to expand the student’s knowledge of the medical field, but also exposes students to the different areas of the world of science.

Mental Health Awareness

coming soon


Self Defense Club strongly promotes the idea of self-confidence in our school. We educate the Sacred Heart students with brand new knowledge of self-defense and an ability to protect yourself from an attacker. From this, we develop our mental health and physical strength. Overall, self-defense club will bring many benefits that will be a great help for the students in the future.


TASSEL Club provides English lessons to underprivileged children (and teachers) in Cambodia to support their education (through video call).

UNU Lectures

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