HS Clubs


Amnesty International works to fight against the abuse of human rights worldwide, by taking direct action to enact change. We discuss, gather information, and write petitions to address and raise awareness of international issues. We stand for those neglected, mistreated, and unheard. Amnesty allows an opportunity for us students to not only observe and recognize global injustice, but to actively do something about it.

Animal Rights

Respect yourself, value others. This club extend this school goal to not only other other humans, but also other creatures we share the earth with.

Animal Rights club, started two years ago, is a club dedicated to advocating the rights of animals, and fostering a love and compassion for all living creatures in our world. As animal rights is such a broad topic, our field of focus lies within what the members of the club are passionate about. In the past, we have discussed dolphin hunting in Japan, and wrote a petition to the mayor of Taiji, the most prominent exporter of dolphin meat. We also work with ARK (Animal Refuge Kansai) during family festival to promote adopting and recusing pets over buying them from pet shops. This year, the club is lead by Hana, and will be discussing a variety of issues from animals in captivity to the conditions of pet shops and pet breeders. We also plan on trying to be more actively involved by volunteering at animal shelters, and possibly raising money for an organization/foundation.


Art/Manga Club is a place for people who love 2D art to share their work, ideas, and tips to other members of the club. It also creates an environment for artists to explore and experiment with different styles and to draw just for fun, something most cannot do due to their busy schedules.


Ekiden is a type of long-distance relay race in Japan. The purpose of this club is to promote the joy of running as well as to raise awareness by running at sporting events. As an unofficial club last year, we competed in two races. We placed first and second in the first race and second and seventh in the second race. This year, with a lot of new members, we hope to compete in more races such as charity run and to organise an Ekiden event at school.

Gay Straight Alliance

The Gay Straight Alliance club aims to empower and raise awareness about the LGBTIQ+ community. We advocate for their equal rights, fight against invidious discrimination, and provide a confidential environment for students of all gender identities and sexual orientations.


"GIRLS" is a feminist club that aims to inspire and empower women of all cultures and ethnicities from around the world. We work towards a more gender-equal world by raising awareness to everyday sexism by holding discussion-based meetings for members to input her ideas and suggestions.

This year, GIRLS club is planning on expanding its “sticker business” to spread awareness of gender equality amongst our Sacred Heart community and to raise funds to institutions that support women’s welfare.

Medical Society

The Medical Society Club is a community that allows students with interests in the medical field to meet, connect, and share their aspirations and dreams. The club will give students the opportunity to be inspired by guest speakers, learn about the different areas and jobs in the medical field, and also gain the experience of conducting various experiments. This club not only aims to expand the student’s knowledge of the medical field, but also exposes students to the different areas of the world of science.


The Nerd Club is one of the longest running clubs in the highschool, and throughout the years, the club has focused on many different aspects of being a ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’. In the past, the club has worked on a variety of things from solar panel activities, science night with junior school students to ‘geeky’ movie nights and comic book exchange.

We use the word nerd and geek in a very general sense. In the past, if you self-identified as a nerd or geek, it implied that you were socially awkward or academically oriented, but we do not see it this way. In our club, being a nerd or a geek simply means having enthusiasm and insight on any topic you are passionate about. Being a nerd or geek just means there is something in the world that you care deeply about—be it twelve-sided dice, a favorite sports team, super heroes or the periodic table. This club provides a space in which students can express their passions that may otherwise be shut down or ignored. It is a place where we can share our interests, and also develop new enthusiasm for a topic.

Outdoors Club

The Outdoors Club is a new club, whose purpose is to allow and encourage both students and teachers to 'take a break' and spend more time outdoors. Our goal is to get active and away-of-the-city, on a monthly basis. These trips are organised by our club members, and are planned to be recreational, as students interact and practice other hobbies such as photography.

Psych Club

The Psych Club aims to promote the learning of mental and behavioral processes for those interested in psychology. Students who are planning to take the AP Psychology exam will be provided with experience, knowledge and materials from our past exam takers.

PR /Instagram Club

The PR/Instagram Club is a HS club made to connect high school students through a social media network known as Instagram. We hope to connect the high school by uploading photos and promoting for school and events and activities. The club is mostly student-led with the help of the PR team at Sacred Heart which helps promote the school from the student’s perspective.

Rooftop Garden

The Rooftop Garden club is held on the rooftop of the Junior School building every other Friday. Our club leaders for this year are Naya and Karen with our sponsors Mr. Felstehausen and Ms. Pomroy. During our meetings, we plant seasonal vegetables and herbs and water the plants while talking to other members of the club. Once the vegetables are ready to harvest, we share what we have cultivated together. In the past, we have made dishes including pesto penne, pickled radish, and curry. This year we hope to learn more about how to produce good crops, and we are in the process of growing an avocado tree!

Room to Read

Room to Read Club is a high school club that is dedicated to raising awareness of global literacy and working with and raising funds for the non-government organization, ‘Room to Read’. The original Room to Read Organization was founded to build libraries and provide books to children in developing countries. Since 2000, almost 10 million children have benefited from this organization, and we aim to help them in their global movement of spreading literacy. Our club has been successful in establishing a connection to the Shree Manakamana Primary School in Nepal through our letters that we send every year. Last year, we worked to raise awareness of global literacy in the middle school by organizing a read-a-thon and in the school, we have also held other school wide events such as the Color Run in order to raise funds for Room to Read. Last year, our club members got the opportunity to work with Room to Read's Tokyo Chapter and volunteer at their annual gala. This is the fourth year since the foundation of our club and we hope to extend our efforts even more this year.


TASSEL, which stands for Teaching And Sharing Skills to Enrich Lives, aims to provide high quality English education to unprivileged students in Cambodia. At Sacred Heart, we have three committees: a fundraising committee, a teaching committee, and an essay correcting committee. The fundraising committee focuses on raising awareness and money through Sacred Heart, the teaching committee teaches english to Cambodian children through video call, and the essay correcting committee corrects essays which the Cambodian students send in. We hope to rightly serve these children who have been deprived of their fundamental right to an Education, and wish to further aid to the development in Cambodia.

UNU Lectures

The UN University Lectures Club is an opportunity to deepen our understanding of international issues and discuss timely topics with other students. Our club focuses on learning about international issues by attending lectures at the United Nations University (UNU) and seeking deeper understanding.