Executive Student Council

The High School Student Council plays a significant role in the life of Sacred Heart students. It is composed of 30 students from the high school who are elected by their peers at the end of every school year. We have representatives from our four grades, four councils and from the entire high school (executive student council). There is a president, a vice president and a secretary treasurer in each group.
The Student Council hosts a series of events, including class competitions, the Kris Kringle Assembly and the High School talent show throughout the year to raise spirit and energy within the high school. We are also responsible for the weekly assemblies where we inform the students about upcoming events and advertise opportunities both inside and outside of school for our students to get involved.
The Executive Student Council works extremely tightly with the grade representatives and the Academic, Social Service, Sports and World Councils to not only create a pleasant atmosphere in the high school but also to help each other grow as individual leaders throughout the year. As executives, we emphasize the importance of personal growth through the student council workshop we host. We try to be the bridge between students and teachers as well as the bridge between Sacred Heart and the other Kanto Plain Schools. To extend and strengthen the connections, the executives work with representatives from other schools to organize small events, such as the student council exchanges as well as big events, like the Kanto Plain Sports Day.
All of the 30 girls in the Student Council are driven, creative and enthusiastic and put in a lot of effort to accomplish the goals that they set for themselves.


Academic Council

The Academic Council helps students with their studies and makes the school a more enjoyable place by fostering academic interests. Its two main events are Mini Day and Japan Day. Mini Day is a day when parents visit the school and see what students are going to be learning in their classes. The role of Academic Council members is to guide parents around the school to their classes. The Academic Council also collaborates with the Japanese Department to organize Japan Day. It is responsible for organizing the morning assembly, and making sure that everything on the day runs smoothly. In the second semester, Academic Council assists the Model United Nations.


Fine Arts Council

The Fine Arts Council’s primary function is to promote, support, and assist at various fine arts events held at Sacred Heart. In addition, the council serves its purpose by motivating students to become involved in the fine arts. The Fine Arts Council is also responsible for the Fine Arts Banquet hosted at the end of the year, acknowledging students’ artistic achievements. The Fine Arts Council further supports the Sacred Heart philosophy, to develop each individual student as a whole: encouraging students to seek activities beyond their academics and allow students to explore their interests.



Sports Council

The Sports Council is made up of energetic, dedicated, and athletic students who are interested in promoting and raising Symbas spirit throughout the school. Sports Council members make banners for each sports team, help sell food at home games, organize the Fun Run, and run the Sports Awards at the end of the year to recognize athletic achievements. In addition, the Sports Council recognizes the athlete of the month every month for both middle and high school to encourage students to be the best athletes they can be. Sports Council members also report sports results every week at assembly to inform the student body of the accomplishments of our athletes, and work hard to encourage people to attend home games to support all our sports teams. This year, the Sports Council is ordering Symbas merchandise to further increase school spirit throughout the Junior, Middle, and High school.

Social Service Council

The Social Service Council is dedicated in promoting social awareness and strengthening our school community by providing volunteer opportunities. From breast cancer awareness campaigns to themed free dress days, this organization serves to kindle the spirit of charity, as well as bring our attention to the ongoing global issues. Furthermore, all the proceeds from other fundraising activities, such as the weekly morning cafes, penny wars, and collection of bottle caps are donated to organizations such as the SEEDS foundation and the Pattaya Orphanage. We also specialize in outside-of-school activities such as Onigiri Making for the Homeless and the events hosted by Hands on Tokyo. The aim of Social Service Council is interlocked with the school theme "A Social Awareness which impels to Action." Whether it is direct action or indirect action Social Service Council strives to make a difference.

World Council

The World Council works to promote cultural diversity and environmental action throughout the Sacred Heart community. In the first semester, council members spend time planning and preparing for the annual One World Day held in January, a day celebrating the unique diversity of cultures, languages, and talents within the Sacred Heart community. The World Council also host the International Buffet, presenting homemade cuisine from around the world, prepared by the council members. During the month of April, the World Council puts together an event to promote Earth Day and demonstrate support for environmental action.


The Boosters is a high school run organisation comprising of grades 9-12. Its main function is to improve community spirit by performing essential tasks at the numerous school wide functions. The Boosters communicate directly with the committees in charge of theses functions to offer their services. Their enthusiasm and motivation during these events are as visible as their brightly coloured T-shirts. The Booster representatives are also tasked with boosting the spirit of the school and are in charge of running two spirit days throughout the academic year. These days are fun and entertaining for for all those who participate or spectate.