Social Awareness

Nepal SEEDS Trip 2018-2019

Nepal Seeds Video by Maria, G11


In keeping with our school goals, Sacred Heart Nepal SEEDS seeks to provide students with an opportunity to assess selected SEEDS projects in Nepal while establishing a deeper relationship with the people of Nepal, the students & teachers of the怀Sacred Heart Nepal SEEDS sponsored Shree Manakamana Primary School & Bandevi Primary Schools, and the people of the village of Kafleni.

Sacred Heart Nepal SEEDS students will learn about the history and culture of Nepal, visit Shree Manakamana Primary & Bandevi Primary Schools, engage in a snapshot study of a rural village, and experience the village trek of a lifetime!


Keifukuen is a rewarding volunteer experience where students are able to visit a nearby nursing home for the elderly, and converse with its residents (in Japanese). Students visiting Keifukuen are able to extend a hand to the community. Through meeting, chatting, laughing, listening, and much more, students learn about, and become acquainted with the pleasant residents of Keifukuen. The visits are usually every month and can be freely scheduled, depending on students' schedules. It is a truly edifying experience that is open to, and recommended to, all students in high school.