Leadership and Social Awareness

Student Council

The Middle School Student Council provides students with an opportunity to develop their leadership and organizational skills. The council is comprised of 4 elected representatives from each Middle School grade level. The students bring ideas from the members of their class to the meetings held each Monday lunchtime. These are discussed and where possible the council makes plans to implement the ideas. Popular events organized and run by the student council are the Middle School Sleepover, free dress days, bake sales, special assemblies and awareness raising activities. The Middle School Student Council helps to organize events to raise funds for charities supported annually by the Middle School. They also run the weekly Middle School assembly and help at major events such as the Break the Ice Party and Family Festival.


Global Issues Network (GIN)

The Global Issues Network (GIN) is a student centered club that focuses on a variety of topics which are prevalent in the world today. GIN impels students to become passionate about a particular issue and to focus their individual skills (drawing, movie creation, research) to create change. The change is measured on many levels but overall the students become aware of the problems and realize their is something they can do.