Fall (August to October)

Cross Country

Cross Country at Sacred Heart is held during the fall sports season. The girls who take part are self motivated, driven, and confident athletes that enjoy running and the benefits it offers. The girls train three to four days a week, running distances between 4 and 7K preparing for races that fall on Saturdays. In the past few years Sacred Heart has had great success in both the middle and high programs, winning finals in 2013 and league champions in 2012. The sport offers a chance for all athletes to compete not only against themselves but rival schools in the Kanto Plain. The top seven high school girls take part in the Asia Pacific Invitational Tournament. This is a fantastic event that allows our girls to race against more than 20 schools from several countries around the Pacific.

Volleyball (Grades 6-8)

Volleyball is a very popular sport at Sacred Heart. The athletes train three days per week and then compete on Saturdays against the other International schools in Tokyo. Students from Grade 6 - 8 may be a part of the season which culminates in an A Team Tournament at the beginning of November.

Winter (November to February)


Middle School Soccer is played on a half-size field, with 8-a-side teams competing against each other. The Middle School Soccer teams train in the gym and on the playground. Players learn how to use skills of ball control, passing, and shooting to compete against other Kanto Plain schools.


Netball (Grades 5 - 8)

Netball is a team game, which means there are two aspects of becoming a successful player. First you have to learn the skills of the game - how to catch and throw, to shoot for goals, and to move in attack and defence. Then comes the real challenge: to use these skills effectively with other team members to produce a winning netball team. Netball is a winter sport at Sacred Heart and is very popular. We produce teams at all grade levels from 3rd grade through high school and each section practices once a week after school. We play fast and hard and have fun perfecting our skills.

Spring (February to May)


Middle School Basketball takes place during the spring sports season. The girls train three days a week and play games on Saturdays against other international schools. Basketball is an excellent sporting opportunity where girls can develop their skills as well as develop their ability to work as a team. MS Basketball splits into three teams that range in skill level. At the end of the season the top level teams hold a tournament called the A team tournament.

Track and Field

Track and Field is a great opportunity to improve overall athleticism in our girls. Students participate in a wide variety of events both on the track and in the field. Track events such as sprinting, hurdles, long distance and relay are all about running while field events are broken into jumping events such as high jump, as well as throwing events such as shot put. It is one of few sports that really incorporates individual skills and success alongside the team success and camaraderie. Meets take place on Saturdays and are a great atmosphere of competition and fun.

Grade 5

Grade 5 Sports

It can take a little while to settle into the routines of Middle School, especially in the heat of summer, and the Kanto Plain inter-school sports teams mainly include students from Grade 6-8. To provide for the sporting needs of Grade 5 students, a less intensive program of sport is organized for them. Usually, two lunchtimes per week, there is Open Gym where the gym is open for free play using the sports equipment. Depending on the availability of space and teachers for coaching there will usually be an organized sport such as Soccer Basics in the Fall, Netball in the Winter, and Volleyball Club in the Spring on Wednesdays after School.