Pastoral Care

Sacred Heart provides a comprehensive support network for the emotional and social wellbeing of all students, which fits with our goal of promoting a safe and welcoming environment where each person is valued. Homerooms play a key role in ensuring that students quickly become integrated into the Sacred Heart family.

Students are placed in a homeroom by grade level. There are typically two homerooms per grade. The Homeroom Teacher develops a rapport with each student, so that they feel comfortable to approach the homeroom teacher with their concerns. S/he acquaints all students with the daily activities, policies and regulations of the school. Every morning, students meet for the first 10 minutes of the day where the homeroom teacher takes daily attendance and gives out information about upcoming activities.

Friday Afternoon Homeroom Periods

Each Friday afternoon, students meet with their homeroom teachers to participate in a variety of activities, ranging from Emergency Drills, Excursion Planning, attending recitals and drama performances, to Spirit Day pep rallies, Earth Day assemblies, Family Festival preparations and Academic Advisory. Student Grade Representatives and Homeroom Teachers jointly plan enjoyable activities to ensure that students get to know one another and enjoy spending time together.

New Student Orientation

Homeroom teachers have a special responsibility to assist new students in their adjustment to the school. At the beginning of the academic year, there is an Orientation morning for students new to the Middle and High Schools to get to know their homeroom teachers and members of the Student Council.

High School Peer Support

At Sacred Heart we are very aware that moving to a new school in your High School years can be a challenge; adapting to a new school culture and negotiating new friendship groups, while also feeling sad at losing the familiarity and comfort of your old life. To help with the transition, we have a volunteer team of Peer Supporters who work to give new students a warm welcome and sustained support during the first few weeks at Sacred Heart.

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School Counselor

Sacred Heart has a part-time personal counselor, whom students are encouraged to contact whenever they feel that it would be helpful to talk. No issue is too big or too small; and going to see the counselor does not mean that there is a psychological issue. It is normal for young people to have problems and rather then pushing them away, it’s much healthier to address them.

An important part of counseling is confidentiality. Students value the opportunity to speak openly without embarrassment or fear of others knowing. A counselor will only break confidentiality if there is a risk of harm to the young person or to anyone else.

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Middle and High School Excursions

One of the highlights of the Sacred Heart year is the annual grade level excursion, held in October. The excursions are organized and chaperoned by Homeroom Teachers as well as other members of the Sacred Heart faculty. These fabulously fun 3-day, 2-night trips provide students the opportunity to deepen their levels of friendship with classmates and teachers, while broadening their horizons by discovering the delights of Japan both geographically and culturally.

G5 Excursion

G5 Fujisan

G6 Excursion


G7 Tanzawa

G8 Excursion

G8 Norikura

G9 Excursion

G9 Irago and Toba

G10 Kanazawa

G11 Takayama

G12 Hiroshima