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COVID-19 UPDATES from Cezars Kitchen 

We thank you for your continued trust in Cezars Kitchen! We always place the safety our children and customers at the highest priority. During COVID-19 our dedicated HSE team & top management have been closely monitoring all local and international trusted sources of information to ensure we remain at the forefront of safety towards COVID-19. As we navigate forward it is important to focus on science-based research. As such, our teams on-site follow strict protocols (Standard Operating Procedures) established to reduce and control risks such as:

  • Daily staff body temperature & health check before starting work.
  • COVID-19 Declaration Form to ensure all working staff or staff families are free of COVID-19.
  • Strict cleaning and sanitizing routine of all food contact surfaces. 
  • Account Reopening Checklist to ensure our account is ready to resume the safest service.

The World Health Organization, European Food Safety Authority & Center for Disease Control have jointly published that there is no proven risk of COVID-19 through consumption of food. 
We are actively amidst our "start SAFE with CEZARS" campaign that represents our efforts as a team to reduce or eliminate risks associated with COVID-19.  We highly recommend you view the brochure by clicking here. To know more, please visit our dedicated COVID-19 page Additionally, all COVID-19 related updates can be viewed by visiting www.cezarskitchen.com/covid-19 .

October 2020

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Cezars Kitchen


Cezars Kitchen provides a Bento Box Lunch System.
For further details, visit their website at www.cezarskitchen.com or contact: issh@cezarskitchen.com


Michal, Kitchen Manager