Every year, SOFIS brings together delegates from Japan's five Sacred Heart schools: Sapporo Sacred Heart School, Obayashi Sacred Heart School, Fuji Sacred Heart School, International School of the Sacred Heart, and Sacred Heart School, Tokyo. The purpose is to facilitate learning and dialogue around particular social concerns, fostering the creation of practical strategies to address these issues within their individual school communities. This event stands as a unique platform, allowing our students to connect and engage with their counterparts from other Sacred Heart schools across Japan.

This year, the students were incredibly fortunate to have the chance to visit Obayashi Sacred Heart School in Kobe, Hyogo, for a span of 3 days. This was a momentous occasion as it marked the first opportunity in three years since the pandemic disrupted our plans. The theme for this year's trip was "多文化共生," which can be translated to "multicultural coexistence."

Students had the chance to connect with peers from various schools, each bringing their unique perspectives and viewpoints. Through student-led presentations and sessions, visits to community centers and religious sites in Kobe, as well as engaging lectures, students had the opportunity to enhance their existing understanding of the significance of multicultural coexistence. They also identified challenges, deliberated on issues, and brainstormed potential solutions to be implemented upon our return to school.