Special Events

Throughout the school year there are times where the community comes together to celebrate.

Japan Day

Every year the International School of the Sacred Heart celebrates our host country by wearing costumes native to Japan and participating in a variety of activities, which explore different aspects of Japanese culture. Activities range from Japanese pottery, to kimono dressing, to Ikebana, which are all taught by students, parents and faculty.


Everyone in the community enjoys the annual Bingo night, a chance for parents, teachers and students to come together to have fun, play games, and if you are lucky, win some prizes!

One World Day

One World Day is a chance for all students from Kindergarten through to Grade 12 to represent their country of origin. One World Day is a student run event organized by the High School World Council.

Family Festival

Family Festival is the biggest event of the year organized by the Parents’ Board. There are games, raffles, music, food, drinks, tots playground, as well as a shopping bazaar selling a great array of items. Basically, there is something for everyone.

May Show

Each spring our talented Middle School girls put on a show that displays their singing, dancing, musical, and needle work talents!