Employment Opportunities

Job Title: Long-term Substitute Math teacher to teach G7-11
Terms: Full-time from August 12, 2024 to December 13, 2024 

Job Title: School Accountant
Requirements and Qualifications: 
  - Knowledge and experience in accounting practices in Japan
  - Knowledge and experience preferred in preparing a budget for a school
  - Proficient in Japanese and English and willing to use both on a daily basis
  - Proficient with computer software for accounting, communications, and budgeting
Terms: Full-time office staff starting August 2024

If you are interested in applying for the above positions, submit your CV with a cover letter to employment@issh.ac.jp.

Job Title: EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Summer Program Homeroom/Specialist Teacher
Duration: July 22nd, 2024 - August 2nd, 2024
*Local Hire Only

If you are interested in applying for teaching positions in the EFL Summer Program, you can find more information and access the application form on our EFL recruitment website. If you have any questions, please email eflsummerprogram@issh.ac.jp.

Application Process

If you meet the minimum requirements for teachers listed below, we encourage you to apply for positions as they become available. Please do not submit an application if there are no positions posted for which you qualify. If non teaching positions become available, details will be given for that position when it is advertised.

Minimum Teaching Requirements

  • Support the school’s philosophy and goals
  • Three to five years of full-time teaching experience, preferably in a multi-cultural international school setting
  • Valid teaching credentials in the subject area for which you are applying
  • Preferred Master’s degree
  • Good technology skills
  • Experience with AP or other external exams (IB, A Level) (preferred)

Application Requirements

  • Cover letter describing why you want to work at ISSH and how you can contribute to our school and its goals
  • Current CV
  • Contact information with email address and telephone number for three referees who are familiar with your performance as an educator
  • Clear copies of your current teaching credentials
  • Official background check required

Who To Contact

Anne Wachter, RSCJ
Head of School
International School of the Sacred Heart
4-3-1 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0012 Japan
E-mail: employment@issh.ac.jp
Fax: 81-3-3400-3496

Child Protection at Sacred Heart

Please know that Sacred Heart places a high priority in protecting the students in our care. By submitting an application form you are stating that you have never harmed children, adolescents or vulnerable people either physically, sexually or emotionally. You are also stating categorically that that there is no reason why you should not work in a school setting with children. You also confirm that you are free from any criminal record, spent or otherwise, in any jurisdiction, with regard to offences (or cautions/warnings) which may be deemed relevant to employment with young people at International School of the Sacred Heart. You also consent to Sacred Heart conducting full background checks on you as a condition of any contract offer made, and understand that Sacred Heart has the right to rescind any offer of employment should there be any concerns raised through those checks. Prospective employees are also informed that any adult behaviors which contravene a professional standard of decency/respect, constitute sexual, physical or emotional abuse and/or are otherwise an infringement of a student’s right to physical and emotional safety are grounds for immediate dismissal. You understand that you will be asked to sign this statement at the time of accepting any offer of employment from Sacred Heart.

Hiring Policy and Procedures