Sacred Heart Philosophy and Goals


The Society of the Sacred Heart has a long tradition marked by a distinctive spirit of developing the whole person. In this spirit we work to foster a balance in students, to include their intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional well being.

We offer an international education in and towards faith. Studies are serious and foster reflection and thought, while at the same time, providing for the development of the creative and the aesthetic. Our students are always viewed as responsible citizens of the world who have worthy contributions to offer society. Our students are encouraged to share with others, to adopt an outlook which respects the needs of others and inculcates service as a natural part of life.

As a student, you are encouraged to have a critical and reflective view of the values of society. We also seek to foster and sharpen an awareness of the problems of injustice and provide opportunities for effective action where possible.

You will experience diversity, which is designed to develop an understanding and appreciation of various faiths, cultures and traditions of the world, and especially the heritage of Japan itself.

It is this philosophy in which our goals are based.


Our Goals, which are rooted in our philosophy, are to provide an education based on the following Five Goals:


Growing with Courage and Confidence